Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Random Rants: Does anyone want to sell a car nowadays?

Many of my last posts have been about the hunt for my next car. I am probably going to end up leasing again because aside from the lower payments, I like the idea of a new car every couple years.

When I leased my last car (2004 Audi A4) I priced shopped around until I found the best quote. My local dealer did beat the lowest quote from other dealers and I felt very happy with my overall sales experience.

Car sales in my area (especially high end cars) are very slow right now. Our local economy is heavily driven by real estate and times are tough. Taking this into consideration along with the fact that 2008 models are starting to show up with 2007 models still on the lot, I figured this would be a good time to shop for a new car... Boy was I wrong!

Not ONE dealership I have dealt with thus far has given me a reasonable quote. In fact the Mazda Dealership gave me such a ridicules lease quote on a Mazdaspeed 3 (which I stated how much I loved from an earlier post) I basically walked out of the dealership. Not one follow up phone call, nothing. In fact the car is still sitting on the lot. And it wasn't just Mazda. Every dealership I've been to seems to be holding inventory close at hand. The kicker was when I called a BMW dealership on the East coast of Florida. I told the salesman exactly what I was looking for and that I would like a quote. I even told him if the numbers were right, I'd gladly make the 3 hour drive from where I am located. He told me he would run some numbers and call me back as soon as he could. Hours went by and no call. The next day I called the dealership again asking for the same salesman and was transferred to his voicemail. Left a message.. and guess what. No call back. Nothing! Nadda.. Zip!!!

I really am baffled why none of my local dealers want to sell a car right now? I know its not because they are busy. Sales are slower than molasses. Interest rates are down. So why on earth wouldn't they be trying to move inventory?

Although I really am itching to suck in that new car smell... I'll be patient and keep looking. There has to be a dealership somewhere that actually wants to sell a car!

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