Monday, October 29, 2007

General Motors "Folks" November 1955 magazine:

Talk about a blast from the past!! A good friend of mine just happened to have an original copy of a 1955 General Motors "Folks" employee magazine. This particular issue showcased some of the upcoming 1956 models. From cover to cover this magazine is a time capsule piece of Americana! It's so great to see a historical piece like this during the golden age of the American auto industry......

Ahhh! Tail Fins Galore!

Well.. ok not exactly "crumple zones"

Baseball, Apple Pie and General Motors!

"Pontiac, it's the talk of the Test Drivers!" how bout the test riders?

One in FOUR! Radios!!

Hello Mr. Vice President

I'm sure there is a song somewhere about this car...

And we'll save the last.. to show you an automotive first!

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