Saturday, November 8, 2008

iPhone Road shot "Nissan GT-R"

I know it's been a while since I've posted, and my apologies to all my readers! Sometimes life has you pulled in so many different directions, the little things you enjoy most (like writing useless crap about cars) gets put on the side burner.

Despite my absence from blogging over the past few months, I have been vigilant in continuing to keep a pulse on the shaky Auto industry. More importantly, I've continued to keep an eye out for cool cars I spot while out and about.

After so much praise, confusion, speculation, and argument, I finally got the chance to see the Japanese Uber coupe Nissan GTR on the road. The car has a very demanding presence that I never quite realized from all the pictures and videos I've seen. It just so happened one pulled up next to me while out on a Friday night and I was quite surprised how flamboyant the car is on the road. Glancing around at other drivers stopped around us, I quickly realized how many jaws were dropped seeing this beast in person. Everyone from the hat off centered pimply faced teenager in the riced out Honda civic, to the Baby Boomer in the Town and Country... This car demands attention! To my surprise, the GT-R isn't very loud at idle (notice I had to drop the window to get a listen to that exhaust note...)