Monday, December 3, 2007

Decommissioned Classics: Cool Cars We Miss - MSN Autos

Decommissioned Classics: Cool Cars We Miss - MSN Autos

Here is a link to an awesome article from MSN Autos showing some really cool cars from the 1980's and 90's destined to become classics.

Starting the list is the quintessential Japanese super car, the Acura NSX. This car was really a leap of blind faith for Honda. When it was first released people just couldn't fathom paying close to one hundred thousand dollars for a "Honda." But, the amazing mid engine NSX proved to be one of the best cars of it's generation. You can pick up a nice used NSX for reasonable money without the insane maintenance bills of it's Italian counterparts. The only complaint I ever had with the NSX is being 6'3 I really couldn't fit in them. So to write about how wonderful they are to drive is something I can't and may never be able to do. Without a doubt the NSX is and will remain a future classic.

Next on MSN's list is the Buick Grand National. Ok, some of my readers may have easily figured out my taste generally leans towards German muscle of the 80's and 90's. A big exception comes all rapped up in a big, black, American Muscle car way past it's golden era. The Buick Grand National came at a time when the American car makers had very little to offer in terms of performance. Out of nowhere a GM brand mainly known for it's luxury and ride qualities delivers really the only true muscle car of the 1980's. Take a two door regal, slap an all black paint job, a turbo, and special trim and your left with the legendary Buick Grand National. I have driven these cars and love them. They handle terribly, the brakes are ok at best, but they feel like a muscle car should! Of course it is rumored that the rare Grand National GNX was the fastest production car of the entire era... A family member has a Grand National so I'll do a full review with pictures someday soon. In a nutshell.. collectors are gobbling up these cars... some of the GNX's are already bringing in huge money in original condition. Grab these cars up and hold on!

The Dodge Omni GLH. Well, I can sum this one up quickly. Carroll Shelby, fast, rare, 1980's Dodge... Good luck finding one in good shape.

GMC Cyclone.. Absolutely love these trucks! Personally I always liked the Typhoon models that were based on the GMC Jimmy. A rare run of trucks that die hard GM people have already snatched up and locked them away in garages. Most I see are lower mileage and well cared for. Price hasn't gone totally insane yet, so now would be the time to find a nice one for your collection.

The next four cars on the list I am going to roll into one paragraph. The Mazda RX-7, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 and Toyota Celica All-Trac (what? no 300ZX?). Four Japanese super cars of the early 1990's. I do love all these cars in fact. There was a time I lusted after these cars like no others on the planet. The problem is what happened between the end of there production run and now as they start to become collectible. So many were bought up when the price was low and butchered with horrid body kits and aftermarket parts. Leaving the market filled with destroyed aftermarket tuner cars, and high prices on the cars left in it's original state. I guess the good news for collectors is, because of all the aftermarket destruction, it keeps original cars at a premium. I expect to see these cars in original condition continue to rise in value.

Finally the VW Corrado VR6. A car that slipped into the U.S. market while all the rage in Europe. This car has remained off the radar for quite some time as a collector car. You can find these cars in great shape, and the price point is still reasonable. One of the last German made VW's before they set up plants in Mexico and watched quality control sink like a stone in a lake. They are quick, handle beautifully and have a design that really grows on you over time. A great car that I expect will become highly sought after very soon.

In closing, like the fat & happy Baby Boomers gobbling up Muscle cars at auctions all over the world, these cars will be the "car I always wanted and now I can afford" of our generation. Of course everyone has different taste and that's a good thing! I guess now is the time to start dreaming of the car your going to pay top dollar for 20 years from now!

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