Friday, December 28, 2007

The Amazing Maserati GrandTurismo

For a Christmas gift of sorts, my good friend snapped some great pictures in New York during the holidays.. Of course there was Rockefeller center, the tree, times square... all the usual New York affair. But, being a car buff like myself.. I knew he'd snap some great pictures of cars on his trip. And he sure didn't disappoint!

Here is the new Maserati GrandTurismo! What an amazing looking car. I am so glad to see Ferrari has rejuvenated the brand and is releasing amazing cars like this! The lines give this car a look that is better suited for an art museum (or the Roma version of the Batmobile). Nonetheless you could drive this beauty right out of the gallery and head for the first sweeping, curving piece of asphalt. A Grand Tourer with the flair of a F430... How can you go wrong with that! And the 405 HP V8 isn't to shabby either! More great pics from New York to come! (Oh ya.. speaking of 430's.. check out the Ferrari in the background... decisions decisions)


MadWhips said...

Very nice photos of a Stunning exotic.

Car Test Ride said...

Thanks so much! That car is something isn't it...